Disinformation about Covid-19

According to Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission «disinformation can cost lives»The article below will help you to separate facts from fiction about Covid-19:

How to Avoid Fake News?

How to Avoid Fake News?- Keep prejudices in mind- Switch up search engines- Content that elicits strong feelings should be questioned- Don’t take breaking news as fact- Be aware that

Negative effects of Internet Misinformation

AdultMisinfo project examines the terms "Internet Misinformation," "Fake News," "Critical and Analytic Thinking," and "Social Media Literacy," with the goal of bringing to light the negative effects of Internet Misinformation

AdultMisinfo Monthly Online Meeting

On Thursday, June 2nd, the partners of ADULTMISINFO met online to discuss the guidelines for the Pilot Testing sessions that will take place this summer in each partner country.Follow our

2nd TPM of the project AdultMisInfo

On the 4rth of April, 2022, the partners of AdultMisInforation project met in Karlsruhe, Germany in order to implement the 2nd TPM of the project. The team discussed important details

AdultMisInfo project online meeting

The AdultMisInfo project partners held an online meeting on January 18th! During this meeting, we covered critical specifics of our Training Modules (which are part of OI2) as well as

1st LTTA of the project

The week of November 22-26, 2021, is dedicated to the 1st LTTA of the AdultMisinfo project, which takes place in Cyprus. Project AdultMisinfo focuses on the topic of Fake News,

Online Meeting of AdultMisinfo

On October 6th, AdultMisInfo partners had the pleasure of meeting online. The partners thoroughly reviewed the first two IOs and discussed and organized the third, which starts soon. They also

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